About Me

Hi šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m Maarten!

Over the last few years I have taken, what felt as, a rather unorthodox path towards becoming a Data Scientist. I started out as a Psychologist with master degrees in organizational- and clinical psychology. Although interesting fields on their own, the statistical nature of the fields grabbed me the most. I sought out to combine psychology and statistics with a master degree in Data Science, which eventually led me to being the Data Scientist I am now.

Some, perhaps, interesting things about me:

  • created several open-source packages which have been downloaded over 2,000,000 times
  • finished three MSc degrees cum laude
    • MSc Industrial Psychology
    • MSc Clinical Psychology
    • MSc Data Science & Entrepreneurship
  • written articles on medium about A.I. which have been viewed more than 1,000,000 times
  • visualized 9 distances measures in one image that often gets shared (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  • published my thesis at ECML-PKDD 2019
  • love playing boardgames (currently Splendor Duel!)


Currently, I work as a Clinical Data Scientist at IKNL in R&D with a focus on NLP-based algorithmic solutions in the field of cancer research and palliative care. Aside from my daily work, I write articles on medium and continue the development of open-source packages.

2021-now: Clinical Data Scientist @ IKNL
2018-now: A.I. Author @ Medium
2019-now: Freelance Data Scientist / Coach
2019-2021: Data Sciencist @ Van Spaendonck
2018-2019: Intern Data Scientist @ Interpolis
2017-2017: Intern Data Scientist @ TomTom
2015-2016: Trainee Clinical Psychologist @ PsyQ
2014-2014: Data Analist @ IEP
2012-2017: Teacher Social Studies @ LOI


Feel free to ask me anything!

To contact me, you can connect with me on LinkedIn and sent me a message there or email me at maartengrootendorst [at] gmail